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After 13 years of successful business, Ken retired his five state floor covering distribution business in 2012. Since that time has become a trusted advisor to CEO’s and high level executives, provides product specific procurement solutions to the building industry and works with private real estate investors and developers.

Ken is an experienced entrepreneur and sales and marketing executive with extensive experience developing and managing branding and messaging for individuals and business entities. He has a keen understanding of the required essentials to promote via traditional marketing and advertising methods, as well as through new social media platforms. Additionally, he also has a solid background in real estate, business development, commercial finance, and operational leadership across diverse industries, with exposure to international companies and markets.

It is the combination of these skills that makes him a true value when working on behalf of his clients in the world of real estate. Besides selling executive level homes, Ken specialized in buying and selling probates and investment properties for his own company and private investors as well.

He is results-oriented, with an innovation-focused approach to generating results and problem-solving: not content with outdated, stagnant methodologies and “business as usual”. Team player, deadline-conscious, and customer-centric.